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What do you mean you’ve done everything in franchising?

In the franchise world, you are a franchisee, franchisor or supplier (or vendor offering some kind of service typically specializing franchising with a deep understanding of the way business needs to work for the industry.) - We have been all of these, and in some cases many times over! We have lived the lives of the small business owner operating on a shoestring budget, we have owned, managed or consulted with both large and small franchised companies as the franchisor and have offered services to the franchise industry not only as consultants, but in providing a certain product or service.

What makes your story unique?

A very unique part of recent experience together was converting a franchised company to a license. To our knowledge, no one has done this before! (It’s typically the other way around.) Franchising can be quite litigious, which is completely understandable, but we have worked hard to be sure we do everything above board, with the best intentions for the company as a whole and always keeping “do the right thing,” at the forefront of our minds. Also unique - we love working with franchisees! As long as they are willing, we prefer to deep dive into the “trenches” so to speak and help the small business owners succeed.

Is franchising all you do?

Although we love franchising, we do other things! We work with all types of businesses and we work on- or off-site. We can help you with the small stuff, to the big stuff, and everything in between. Set up a time to talk if you want to learn about how we can be the right fit for your particular scenario.

What do you do for fun?

We love fitness, travel, socializing, and biking. We have two tandem bikes–one tandem bike even has a child seat! We fundraise for our Challenged Athletes Team: Team Jada. We run our small business: EnVie Fitness. And we parent one little blonde and a one German Shorthaired Pointer. Check out if you get some free time to see what else we are up to.

How much do you charge and wouldn’t it be cheaper to just hire one of you?

Great question(s)! We charge differently for each situation. We are creative and flexible in our billing, we always work to be fair and understand your goals while also understanding ours. It’s not cheaper to split us up! Our pricing is always more competitive. It’s the best case scenario, you get two people, for the price of one!

WhaT is your best story together?

This requires more than a paragraph on a website.

why are you better than another team offering the same services?

Our experience and people skills. There are a lot of qualified teams you can work with, but none quite have the drive, moral, ethics, experience, knowledge, and commitment of LAR Enterprise. If you wanted us to pick one word: Determination.

Do you have references?

Yes we do, and we are happy to share them with you after our initial call.

I need money, do you invest?

Needing money is a problem a lot of companies face. If this situation applies to you, let us know. We always strive to be creative.

Do you offer business coaching?

Yes, for the right person or group of people. Coaching anyone for anything takes dedication by both parties. Let’s discuss and ensure we are on the same page.

Anything else?

Send us an email or use the contact form. We are happy to answer your questions.

Have Other Questions? Contact Us »