F.O.R.G.E. Training


1:1 or Group Training available. F.O.R.G.E. Training will change the way you operate your business and change the productivity of your employees and partners.


Meet the method, the training program, the solution. Created by Ryan Bernal while working on multiple businesses, F.O.R.G.E. Training is the ultimate evaluation and change tool for businesses.

There are multiple aspects to make a business successful. F.O.R.G.E. Training encompasses the five essential categories to get you started on the right track, or to bring you back to a place of success.



F is for Frame. There are two parts to Framing your business: Mental Framing and Transparency Framing. Mental Framing starts with you. Learning to be the person who can lead a transition or shift and defining what the transition or path is going to be. Transparent Framing is like a picture frame with a clear front and four containing sides, when you frame your business you put every aspect of your business into one place, where it can all be seen. Framing is more complex than it sounds; framing takes time and emotional effort. It’s discovery down to the detail of both the people, and every aspect of the business.


O is for Organize. All the information that was framed, now needs to be organized to make it useable—just like data in a spreadsheet. Organizing is tedious and painful, but at the end of it, everyone can breathe more easily. You organize until every last bit of information is accounted for.


R is for Rehab, Rebuild, Restore and Relaunch. Rehab your mind, rehab all the parts of the business. When you rehab, change the normal way of doing everything. Once everything is rehabbed, rebuild with the changes made during rehab. Rebuilding is the opportunity to create a new platform and foundation. Next, restore. Restore old processes with new ways and see the work create results. And finally, where applicable, relaunch.

G is for Grow. Create processes, create plans, and grow. Like a seed that has been fully prepped for success, this where your business starts to grow. Growing can be painful, but it will be a lot easier after completing F., O., and R. As your business starts to grow be prepared to shift and move—you’ll now be equipped with agility and poise.


E is for Exit or Excel. Framed…check. Organized…check. Rehabbed, Rebuilt, Restored…check. Growing…check. Now it’s time to Exit or Excel (or both). If exiting was in your plans for success, this is the time to go to market. If excelling beyond what you thought possible was your plan, hold on…here we go.