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Liberty Bernal

Liberty Bernal is a modern day voodooist. Her people skills can navigate through most any relationship. Bringing upset/disgruntled franchisees to a better mental and emotional state, while offering training, re-training, and relentless support is her jam. Liberty writes the manual for franchise operations, sales, and moving forward. Franchising since she was 19 years old, Liberty is an invaluable asset to all parts of the franchise industry.

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Ryan Bernal

Ryan Bernal is often called “The Fixer”. He rejects the title chief executive officer and prefers covert recognition. He positively and assertively challenges everything modern and conventional. Accepting nothing less than results, he does the work most admonish, and he is always at mach ten. His business acumen is bar none, his ideas are strategically unconventional, and his charisma wins respect instantly.

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