Franchising is a relational business that succeeds when the best interests of the people are put first.

Liberty and Ryan

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Expert Franchise Experience

Business experts who (collectively) have been active in nearly every role in franchising: Founder, Franchisee, Franchisor, Licensor, CEO, COO, Supplier, Consultant, Speaker and Advocate. Additionally, we are small business owners who understand and appreciate what business ownership requires mentally and emotionally.

Couple Owned and Operated

We are couple-owned and couple-operated, just like most franchises. The difference is in our individual, unique skill-sets and our juxtaposed personalities, which work in unison to earn the respect of even the most hesitant. We have created a brand around ourselves allowing for frictionless trust building. We are a well-rounded team and have additional team members for larger projects.

Friendly and Authoritative Voice

We are an authoritative and friendly voice to franchisees. We drive revenue, build rapport on behalf of franchisors, train and educate, and utilize franchisor systems–or help create new systems–and ensure they are applied correctly. Our history and experience coupled with excellent people and relational skills provide us a unique opportunity when working directly with franchisees on behalf of franchisors.

We Protect Franchisors

We protect franchisors. We work with franchisors and franchisees to correct potentially damaging situations. We enforce systems and standards in an educational way for franchisees without creating liabilities for franchisors. We understand and believe in the importance of franchise standards. We humanize the franchise experience and address franchisee distrust and reactive behavior.


Let’s talk about what LAR Enterprise can do for your franchise. Whether you are a new franchise or an existing franchisor, our franchise services can help you.