Highly skilled and extremely focused resources to businesses, business owners, investors, founders, and entrepreneurs.

LAR Enterprise creates long term solutions, in short term projects.

No lengthy contracts and drawn out changes. We build and create your success with you in a timely and organized manner.


What We Do


Services available: strategy and planning, implementation, accounting, systems, and processes. We build infrastructures that allow you to scale. Our team is efficient, organized, fast (lightening fast). Our experienced leadership matched with our processes are unmatched.

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20+ years of franchise expertise and experience. We assist in beginning, growing, and/or adjusting systems. Our people have been franchisee, franchisor, supplier, and leaders in the franchise space. We specialize in improving all aspects of franchise systems.

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Entrepreneurs in Residence

Contact us for term positions in startups, turn-arounds, or exits. Hands on, trustworthy, diligent. Experienced team or single executive. Protect your investment with experienced guidance for founders or newer executives. Tap into experience and networks that would take years to build.

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F.O.R.G.E. Training

We created F.O.R.G.E. Training to help entrepreneurs, businesses, people, and companies move forward and excel. Let us train your team or apply the method to your business.

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Advising + Coaching

Take advantage of our Advising + Coaching Packages! Utilize all of our services in a way that suits your team to execute well thought out strategy, decisions, and planning.

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Considering converting your franchise system to a license? Is your franchise not delivering the amount of support it should be? Limit your liability, help your customers and brand excel.

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LAR Enterprise will take your business from concept to reality, or take your existing business and scale up. Our motive is driven by a passion for your success. We consider every option, we find clear paths, and when there is no path, we make our own. Our number one goal is your success.


We work with VENTURE CAPITALISTS who want to secure their investment or ensure a company will succeed. We can work with the existing executive team or we can be an interim solution.


We work with FOUNDERS to determine a clear path to success. Board interviews, securing funding, presentations. Our skills can be your skills.

We work with COMPANIES who have plateaued or who need a fresh start. Let’s generate more revenue together. 


We work with STARTUPS who need guidance. Whether is be for three months or three years, we are there for you. 


LAR Enterprise services include advising and coaching, launching scalable start-ups, rescuing troubled  or plateaued existing businesses, facilitating profitable exits, building processes, franchising, licensing and implementing unconventional ideas.