Sometimes it makes more sense to license your business. We specialize in converting franchises to licenses.

Our Conversion Services
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Plan/Timeline Creation
Legal Referrals
Documentation Guidance
Sales Training
Automation Training


Expert License Conversion Experience

We are franchising and licensing experts who have been through conversions and know the exact steps to take to make the transition as simple as possible. From the initial discovery phase to documentation, legal needs and franchisee coaching we have the knowledge it takes to make it happen.

Is Converting Right for Your Business?

Before deciding to convert your system you must know if it is the best thing to do for your company and franchisees. Engage with us for a thirty-day discovery process to hold your hand through the due diligence and to learn what it takes to convert your franchisees to licensees properly and seamlessly. Learn about mitigating your liabilities and continuing your brand through licensing rather than de-franchising or remaining in a litigious situation with restless franchisees. This is not a templated process, but one that must be researched properly, thoroughly and thoughtfully with experts who have been there before.


Feel the confidence after our discovery process to move forward with a conversion that will keep your brand alive and your system happy. Every franchise system and reason for converting is different. After our investigation and learning process we will be able to assure you of the best decision for moving forward.

The Process

Our specialized process of conversion is one of attention to detail as well as to the needs of the real families who are part of your system. Once you have decided to convert we will continue to guide and support you through all of the necessary steps to become a license organization. From franchisee communication, documentation, timing, automation, training, sales and more, we will ensure a successful transition


Let’s talk about what LAR Enterprise can do for your system. Whether you are a small organization or large, our conversion services can help you.