LAR Enterprise will change the way you operate, and ensure you achieve your goals.


SPECIALIZED CONSULTING. We are not your typical consulting agency. This is the real deal. Hard work. Focus. Expertise. We make changes that have a lasting impact. We operate on the philosophy that you grow out of our services.

C-LEVEL OUTSOURCING. Focused and seasoned executives who are high-energy, low-maintenance, connected, and dedicated to your success. Our teams are driven by a passion to succeed.

BUSINESS EVALUATIONS. One-time business evaluations to identify where you are exposed, overspending, or missing the mark. A complete dive into your business, with suggestions for change post-evaluation. This is a great task to do before taking your business to market.

CLEAN-UP. Ryan says life isn’t complete without clean-up. Let us clean-up your business and get you back on track.

SALES PROCESS CREATIONS. Sometimes you just need someone to create the process, then it’s off to the races.

MARKETING STRATEGY. Take the strategy and make it rain. And if you don’t quite know how to make it rain, ask us to create a Sales Process for you.

More Services

Executive Leadership

Sometimes you need interim leadership. We fill that role and guide your business during a transitional phase. We work side-by-side with current leadership or assume full roles.

Strategy and Planning

Our strategies are progressive, unconventional, and adjustable—that’s how we ensure success.

Prepare for Funding

People fund companies that can prove their concept is working. We will increase your value to an investor.


Business Advising

We offer very specialized business coaching and accountability. This is a very unique and limited offering, contact us for more details.


Let our team negotiate with your team or on your behalf.

Increase Valuation

Ready to go to market? Our teams can increase your valuation in a matter of months to make you more attractive.

General Business Practices

We offer general business guidance. If you have questions, if you are stuck, give us a call. Our combined experiences and network can get you moving forward again…quickly!

Specialty Services

Customer Service Trainings

The customer experience can make or break your business. We offer trainings that range in one-day seminars to full customer service overhauls. Your team will thank you, your customers will love you.

Keynote and Guest Speakers

Let us motivate, inspire, or re-engage your audience. Fresh perspectives, new ideas. We speak on everything from working together, health, wellness, organization, finding passion, and overcoming turmoil.


We can work directly with your staff to train, re-train, or implement processes. Need new processes? No problem, we are great at creating organized, intelligent processes that work and are easy to adapt.


Educating your team, your staff, or your leadership will empower them to be more successful. We can be your on-site educators to ensure your goals are understood and that everyone is working towards the same objective.

Marketing and Relationship Management

Marketing, strategy, campaigns. Experts in marketing and creating unique campaigns that will knock the socks off of your competition. Relationship management, reviews, and customer surveys.


Franchising and Licensing

Experts in franchising and licensing. We can help you start, build, scale, or exit your franchise. We work with both franchisees and franchisors.

Risk Mitigation

We explore your vulnerabilities and then help you correct them.

P&L Explication

When you need a deep, confidential dive into your Profit and Loss.

Site Visits

Need a neutral third party to make site visits? Let us help.

Vendor Management

You have hired the right vendors and you need help getting them to go in the right direction. Or, you need vendors/suppliers and you do not know where to turn. Our connections and our vendor management services will help.

Advising + Coaching

Whether you are a seasoned business person or just getting started, our Advising or Coaching will help you succeed. Read more.

We Memorize These

• High-maintenance is reserved for hairdos
• Complacency is not economical
• Success is for the passionate
• Character is more important
• Call it done when it’s right
• Make change not chance
• You are the person
• Smile more
• Motivate to negotiate

Each situation is unique. Let’s chat about one our teams can help you succeed.